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How can new products be launched to avoid risks

2018-05-14 09:36:56

In recent years, the market is obviously not prosperous enough, not to mention how many small businesses have suffered heavy losses or even disappeared, even the dominant Nokia in China for many years has disappeared, then, we choose products, or choose the product listing process, should not be more careful? Here, Xiaobian will tell you that it is very necessary to do market research of the product before it is launched, or even in the last or later period. Xiaobian engaged in market research work for more than 8 years, first employed in Ruer Information Consulting Co., LTD., now for you to roughly explain the concept of product research, value and application scope. First, the concept of product research Due to the development and positioning of new products, the improvement and promotion of products for sale, there are great uncertainties and market risks, product market research usually refers to the means of market research, to seek help from the target consumers, so that the target consumers may learn from various changes related to the product in advance. The most satisfactory and acceptable plan for consumers is selected, which provides a basis for enterprises to make decisions in all aspects of product research and development, improvement and promotion, so as to improve the success rate of enterprises in product-related decisions and reduce potential market risks. Generally, product market research focuses on the concept, characteristics, functions and utility of enterprise products or services, conducts product market positioning, analyzes consumers' interest satisfaction and value acceptance, so as to determine the market prospect of enterprise products, predict market potential and sales potential, and provide a basis for enterprises to formulate effective marketing strategies. 1. Assist enterprises in product planning -- based on industry trends, user needs, competitive intelligence, SWOT analysis, assist enterprises in product planning. 2. Help enterprises with product positioning - help enterprises to launch marketable products and services targeting different market segments. 3. Ensure the success rate of new products on the market -- test and evaluate the functions, attributes and prices of new products, find problems and make continuous adjustments to ensure that the company faces the market with the optimal product configuration to ensure the success rate of new products on the market. 4. To provide decision-making basis for the formulation of marketing strategies for enterprises -- to understand the acceptance of products by target consumers and the characteristics of product demand, combined with the product strategies of competitors, to provide decision-making basis for the formulation of marketing strategies for enterprises. Product research is mainly used in fast moving consumer goods, such as food, beverage, daily necessities, cosmetics, tobacco, alcohol and other industries, in medicine, IT digital products industry is also widely used.