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How can you kill 9 thieves in the underground palace

2018-05-14 08:00:34

Asked hand game underground palace unknowingly out has been a year. You know how many thieves there are. In fact, there must be one in 2-1~2-5. There must be one in 3-1 to 3-5. There must be one in 4-1 to 4-5. That's three thieves per quest. So how do you kill nine thieves? When there are only two reset opportunities. (Limited force, legal role)


Have an account of more than 75 levels and the path has passed the underground palace guidelines in 1800 or more, and have a ghost pet of about 5 levels (except body and Min pets).


In the 1-3 ~3-5 layer, do not easily open the box, if you really can not beat, open about 5, no more. This is because there are too many. Behind may not be enough Yang, a friend will suspect, do not open the box without underground coins entourage how to come. In fact, there are lost children and thieves underground coins are enough to use (pro-test many times).


This step is actually the key, the first expedition you only have to play 4-2, and then reset. It also depends on luck, if you meet a thief in 4-1,4-2, then you will have no problem killing 9 thieves. At this point your reinforcement level should be 20. It's gonna be a little harder down there. Reset your Yang at around 75. There's enough for the next two expeditions.


Reset after the direct sweep to 4-1 on it (there are members, no members can only play again, but will be simpler than the first), this is your second expedition, you can directly clear that is to kill the fire God, then your strengthening level should be around 32, kill clearance, kill the fire God is no problem. (Remember the lineup)


After killing the flame God, you have to reset again, Yang should have 32~35 points or so, as long as you sweep, do not open the box, you can, Yang is enough for you to see three thieves.

Matters needing attention

The account level should be above 75, with 1800 paths, and pass the underground palace guidelines.


When killing the flame God of War, remember to match the lineup (there is a lineup illustration in the introduction).