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How do Chinese people celebrate Christmas

2018-03-02 04:48:00

With the continuous development of society, Western festivals will gradually be accepted. Christmas in China is basically imitating the Western way, but generally young people spend more, in China or the New Year more attention. Today we will introduce how to celebrate Christmas in China.


Christmas tree




Decorate the Christmas tree. Christmas tree is the sign of Christmas, first according to the size of their own house to buy a suitable Christmas tree, and then on the Christmas tree can be decorated with a variety of lights, snacks and so on.


Buy red apples. Christmas Eve is Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve eat apples, apple represents the meaning. So we usually eat apples on Christmas Eve.


Play Christmas music. In order to increase the atmosphere of the event, it is generally necessary to play some Christmas-related music and integrate it into the atmosphere of the event through music.


Wear Christmas clothes. Christmas clothing is according to their own preferences, buy their own clothes to decorate themselves, generally red furry or white clothes.


Wear a Christmas hat. Generally need to buy Santa Claus hat, hat is a pointed hat, worn on the head can be used to keep warm, but also can be used to decorate themselves.


Friends watch movies together. Watch a beautiful movie together at night, increase between friends, you can watch and Christmas related movies, improve their understanding and insight of Christmas.

Matters needing attention

According to their own economic conditions to design and free play Christmas tree holiday.


After all, Christmas is a Western festival, generally spent by young people, pay attention to the communication between the elderly.