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How do Hong Kong purchasing agents do, how to promote

2018-03-02 19:12:00

I believe that everyone is not unfamiliar with the word purchasing, the common is Hong Kong purchasing and Macao purchasing, purchasing is best to be close to the purchasing point, because it can know the latest preferential information in time, that is, the so-called discount.


Precise target customers


Good extension drainage


The journey of purchasing in Hong Kong is very hard, and this money is certainly not so easy to earn, you see only the surface of people, you do not see people carrying suitcases, running on the street, and even lunch is only a hastily solved side.


If you are not close to Hong Kong or Macau, it is not so easy to buy, after all, the distance determines your road, for example, the local people can go once or twice a week.


In the early stage, most people are sure to find their own cheap promotion in the circle of friends and space, but they are not necessarily our accurate customers, it is possible that the advertising you send every day can not bring you revenue.


We can also add groups, such as student groups, campus groups, local groups and so on. You can also communicate with others through some travel forums and so on to guide orders.


After we collect the customer's order, we need to make a travel plan in advance, so that we do not run around, and the things that can be purchased in the same place are purchased together.

Matters needing attention

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