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How do I download apps on my iPhone?

2018-03-01 06:24:00

In daily life, the use of Apple is more and more people, some people only know how to use, do not know how to download applications, let me briefly talk about how to use iPhone download applications?




First, find the App Store on your desktop and click Open. Look at the picture below


Then, click on the fourth search in the lower menu bar and look at the image below


Enter the name of the app you want to search for in the search box, search and click. Look at the picture below


After the search is completed, we will see the app we have searched, click on the right to get it - then click Install, see the picture below


After clicking, the system will respond for a period of time, prompting you to enter the account password of iTunes Store login, after entering, click OK, see the following figure


At this point, we can go back to the desktop and wait for the application to download

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