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How do men exercise to improve sexual function

2018-03-12 16:00:03

The man's sexual function is good or bad, which determines whether the sexual relationship between husband and wife is harmonious? The following Xiaobian introduces several exercises to improve sexual function. I hope it helps.






The first choice is to pay attention to the diet of the day to eat less spicy food, eat more tonics, and there is alcohol and smoking, drinking and smoking harm the body, but also not conducive to the improvement of sexual function.


The good or bad of the lungs is related to the good or bad of sexual function, get up in the morning, practice zama step by step, do not worry, the beginning is generally 15 minutes a group of slow practice, and then add time according to their own situation.


General oxygen exercise, running, in the morning, running 1000 meters, outdoor sports at noon, playing basketball, badminton and other sports, exercise.


Sit-ups, this is to exercise the man's waist, so that your staying power is longer, three groups a day, a group of 30, don't worry about sticking to it to meet the effect.


Reduce the sensitivity of the glans, which is conducive to the staying power of men, wipe the glans with a warm towel, do not overheat the water, wipe several times before going to bed at night, help to improve sexual function.


If the sexual function is not very good, go to a traditional Chinese medicine to let him give you medication, conditioning and recuperation is good, there is not too frequent sex so that all the previous achievements will be wasted.

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