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How do parents take their children through winter

2018-04-19 11:12:32

Clothing heavy warm winter in the New Year, many parents in the consideration of children wearing will choose fashionable styles and bright matching, but from a health point of view, children's winter clothes beautiful or not beautiful, can not catch up with the trend is not the most important, the important thing is to both cold and wind. Hats and shoes should be loose, warm, the head and feet are comfortable in it, and the blood circulation will be better. Underwear must be made of cotton, children's skin is very delicate and itchy when stimulated. But you can't overdo it. In winter, some parents are afraid of their children catching cold, covering too much, wearing a layer after layer, and the result is that he is always sweaty, going out in case of cold stimulation, but easy to catch a cold. The idea of "closing" in winter does not mean that the Windows must be closed, but that there must be a certain temperature, humidity, and frequent ventilation to allow new air to come in. Room temperature should not be too high, do not contrast too much with nature. The contrast is too big, people's adaptation is not so fast, and it is easy to catch a cold. Children have a physiological characteristic: "delicate organs, the body is not full." The digestive function of children is relatively immature, so the diet of children at different ages should be suitable for his digestive ability, and can not be rushed. Chinese medicine pays attention to "want to children safe, three points hunger and cold". This "hunger" inside there is attention, that is, can not let him be too full, so that his stomach burden is too heavy. There is also a sentence in Chinese medicine: "diet since times, the stomach is injured" is to eat more, but damage the spleen and stomach. In addition, children are "young Yin and Yang" bodies, so it is not recommended to give children "medicine" in winter. As long as the diet is balanced, vegetables, fruits, meat with more protein, eggs, milk, beans and food are given to children to eat, so that they are happy to eat normally, drink more plain water, such a "tonic" is conducive to health. It is not right to give your child antibiotics immediately after two sneezes. Even proprietary Chinese medicine should be taken only after the child begins to have symptoms, or after confirming that there are already children in kindergarten who have chickenpox or other infectious diseases. Some parents began to give their children isatidis root in winter, which is not right, this kind of medicine is bitter and cold, and it is irritating to the stomach for a long time. If you do not often open the window in winter, the air in the room is cloudy, and the oxygen content is relatively less than the outside world, so you must have a certain amount of outdoor activities. There is plenty of oxygen in nature, and fresh oxygen can promote the healthy development of children's body and mind. Children, like adults, also have joy, anger, worry, thinking, sadness, fear, and fright. Winter stay in the house for a long time, the old hold in the house is easy to feel depressed. Therefore, in the winter, adults should accompany children to play games, tell stories, when the sun is good, take children to do some outdoor activities, so that he always maintain a good mood. Winter is harsher than other seasons, but it is also an important period for us to store energy and strengthen resistance. We should pay attention to health care, but there is no need to be too nervous, let nature take its course. Only after the test of hot summer and cold can children better adapt to the environment and grow up healthily. Baby nourishing winter rule: in winter, the baby's diet needs special attention from parents. Parents should not give their children less water because they are afraid of urinating more and increasing the trouble of nursing. Do not think that the baby sweat less, reduce the baby drinking water or blindly give the baby supplements in the dry and cold winter. Proper hydration is important Under normal circumstances, 1-3 years old children need to supplement water 110ml - 150ml per kilogram of body weight per day. In other words, if the weight of children in this age group is 14 kilograms, the water requirement is 1540 milliliters -2100 milliliters per day. Generally, the small teacup of children's drinking water in nurseries has a capacity of 100 ml, which is converted to 15-20 cups of water a day to meet the needs of children. Of course, it does not mean that children should drink more than a dozen glasses of water every day, because the vegetables, fruits and drinks that children usually eat contain considerable water, sugar, protein, fat can also produce water when oxidized in the body, which supplement most of the water needs of children. Therefore, it is appropriate to let children drink 5 to 6 glasses of water a day. The best time for baby to drink water is: in the morning, after getting up from a nap; Drink water half an hour to 1 hour before meals; During outdoor activities and after bathing and swimming. In particular, do not drink water when you are about to eat or are eating, otherwise it will dilute the digestive fluid, have a sense of fullness, and reduce appetite. Also can not drink a lot of water after strenuous exercise, otherwise it will increase the burden on the kidney, is not conducive to the health of young children. In addition, can not give children to drink boiled water many times, in winter to drink warm water is good.