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How does a wireless router connect to a desktop computer

2018-04-30 16:00:46

With the popularity of computers, more and more people use the computer, some people have more than one computer at home, want these computers to be able to surf the Internet at the same time, you need to use the router, compared to the wired router, the wireless router is more popular, but how to connect the desktop computer and wireless router has become a difficult problem for many friends. Let's follow Xiaobian to have a look.

Wired connection

This information comes from experience


Many wireless routers are configured with more than one LAN interface, these interfaces are used to connect the computer and the wireless router, the connection method is very simple, like we use the modulation field breaker, only need a network cable with a crystal head at both ends, a LAN interface inserted in the wireless router. Just plug the other one into the computer.

Wireless connection

Sometimes we need to connect too many computers, the wireless router interface is not enough, or do not want to use a wired connection, because the location of the computer is different, if the use of wired will be pulled everywhere, it is indeed a troublesome thing, then we can consider the use of wireless connection.


Xiaobian has said before, the desktop computer itself does not have a wireless card, want to use wireless Internet access, you must first prepare a wireless card. There are two kinds of wireless network cards that can be used for desktop computers, one is PCI interface, similar to the style of the independent graphics card we installed, and the other is USB interface.


The two wireless cards have advantages and disadvantages, the PCI interface wireless card stability is good, but the price is really a little expensive, and it is more difficult to install. The wireless network card of the USB interface is lightweight, easy to carry, and cheap, but it is easy to drop the line, especially when the wireless signal is weak. But overall, the wireless network card with USB interface is still our best choice.


Of course, if you want to use a USB wireless network card to surf the Internet, you also need to install a driver. In the purchase of USB wireless network card should be accompanied by a driver CD and installation and use instructions, which describes in detail how to install and use, we only need to follow the steps to install can be used.


Xiao Bian has not installed a wireless network card for his desktop computer, not USB or PCI, so it can not provide more useful information, but one thing to remind is that the driver must be installed if you do not use PCI or USB, and it is best to buy the driver. If the driver downloaded from the Internet may cause some compatibility problems due to different models, affecting our normal use.

Matters needing attention

Don't forget to install the driver when using the wireless network card for the first time, otherwise it can not connect to the wireless network.


If you want to connect a number of computers, you can use the switch, the relationship between the router and the switch is not very clear, so it is inconvenient to introduce, you only need to know that you can also use the switch.


The above is how to connect the wireless router desktop computer all content, I hope to help friends in need.