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How does the elevator button make it safer?

2018-04-10 03:12:47

Now life is inseparable from the elevator, the recent elevator safety accident has also caused people's attention to the elevator safety, the accident will not be every day, but almost every time on the elevator need to press the button, how the button is safer?


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Elevator keys are touched by tens of thousands of people every day, and can not guarantee how sanitary the elevator is cleaned, it can be seen that the elevator keys are a serious source of pollution. When pressing the elevator, which finger do you choose?


First of all, it is necessary to distinguish the fingers, thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger, and find out how widely the five fingers are used.


The thumb, now the thumb is more and more widely used, especially the emergence of the thumb. And the power of the thumb must not be ignored in the work of grasping, holding and lifting.


Index finger. Holding and taking the most commonly used fingers, playing and holding food all require the participation of the index finger.


Middle finger. The middle finger is the longest finger. Grasp and grip are indispensable, especially in the computer keyboard, the middle finger is very likely to be used.


The ring finger. The ring finger is the least used finger


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In summary. The ring finger is the least used, so when pressing the elevator button, it is recommended to use the ring finger first, which will cause the least harm to yourself.