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How is a small scratch the cheapest paint

2018-04-27 03:12:28

Props: Paint pen, it is necessary to pay attention to the original car paint to choose the right model color, to avoid color difference. Clean the scratch with soapy water or other supplies and let dry. Fill with a pen and apply repeatedly 5 minutes apart until it is higher than the surface of the original paint. After the paint dries, use the pre-soaked sandpaper to polish in the same direction until the original paint is equal. Apply the polishing wax to a dry cloth. Apply the polishing wax in a clockwise direction. After the wax dries for about one minute, wipe it off clockwise with a towel or cloth. The benefits of repainting are very obvious: convenient and quick to save money and materials, but the color difference is large (more obvious in the sun), and some even repaired paint uneven, I believe that many owners have encountered. Extended data: If it is not too obvious, do not go to the paint, because there will be a lot of problems after the paint. The paint of big brands is not only more bright in color, but also has strong adhesion, which is not easy to bubble and fall off. The cheap off-brand paint may be black and fall off after painting, and the hardness of the paint film is also relatively low. In addition, after the paint scanner scanning still need manual processing, due to the different years of use of the vehicle, the body color will also have a slight change, the need for technicians to compare the paint sample and the body color, which is the most critical link.