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How many characteristics of monorail crane?

2018-05-12 00:00:01

Monorail crane is a kind of auxiliary transportation equipment with strong mobility, fast running speed, large load capacity, safety and reliability, which is mainly used for the installation and pullback of fully mechanized mining face in coal mine. Electric traction monorail crane is a kind of auxiliary transport equipment which is powered by battery for locomotive.


Monorail crane


Monorail crane


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Then the focus of our explanation comes, that is the characteristics of the monorail crane, through the following content we can know that the monorail crane has five characteristics, let's take a look. 1, the cable only needs to be laid once, the front and back movement of the cable only needs to operate the handle, easy to operate, flexible, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers. 2, not only can be suspended cable, but also can be suspended emulsion high pressure glue and water, liquid and cable layered hanging; The layout of the roadway is not only neat and beautiful, but also avoids the influence of vibration of high pressure glue on cable interference. 3, the hydraulic working medium provides the power source (emulsion) for the fully mechanized mining face, which is not only convenient, safe, but also explosion-proof and flame-retardant. 4, with a locking device, when the brake device of the stepping mechanism fails or when the roadway inclination is large, it plays a safety protection role to ensure the safety of the cable towing monorail crane. 5, novel design, simple operation, safe and reliable.


Then, we need to know what role the monorail crane we know has, which is a special transportation device for hanging and moving the channeling cable, emulsion high pressure glue and water on the fully mechanized mining face of coal mine. Under the roof of one side of the transportation roadway of fully mechanized mining face, the anchor rod and chain are used to hang the suspended track, and all the cables and high pressure glue and water are suspended on the tow truck. The working face milk sh10 chemical fluid pumping station is used as the power, and the hydraulic step push and pull device composed of oil cylinder and connecting rod is used to realize the cable, high pressure glue and water hanging and moving along the roadway. The device avoids the messy placement of underground cables, reduces the space occupied by cables and the number of cable movements, avoids the manual dragging of cables, and greatly reduces the labor intensity and working efficiency of workers.

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