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How many colors are there? Which colors are included in these color schemes

2018-02-25 00:00:00

Colors are divided into three categories: warm colors, cool colors, and intermediate colors. Warm colors: red, orange, yellow. Meaning: The colors derived from the color of the sun, red, yellow, give people a warm and soft feeling, spring and autumn colors are especially suitable for wearing warm colors of clothes, warm colors of makeup. Cool colors: green, blue, purple, blue, green, purple. Meaning: People with winter and summer colors use cool colors. Intermediate colors: Black, white, gray. Meaning: Suitable for any color scheme. The benefits of color to people: cold and warm colors are usually not suitable for matching, and neutral colors can be matched with any color. Different colors can make people have different psychological feelings. Color can give people a feeling of "light and heavy"; White and yellow make people feel lighter, while red and black make people feel heavier. In home decoration, the top of the room (ceiling) is easy to choose light colors or brighter tones; The wall and the ground can be properly weighted, otherwise it will give people a top-heavy feeling. Warm colors feel soft and soft, cold colors give people solid and tough; Neutral is overcolor.