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How should I match a small woolen coat

2018-04-09 14:24:39

Woolen coats are a particular trend in autumn and winter, with different colors and styles. For the taller MM may prefer a long woolen coat, but for the shorter MM, in order to be able to visually pull up the height, it is more inclined to choose a short woolen small coat. So how to match the short wool coat?


Small coat




Short wool coat, not what style, with the umbrella skirt is a good choice, especially the black skirt, will appear the whole person is special sweet, and the color is everything.


Jeans are an enduring trend element, with short wool coats, although it is a very common way, but different people can wear a different taste, casual and simple.


Short woolen coats with leather pants give people a very fashionable and cool feeling. However, for leather pants, it is best not to choose MM with thicker legs, otherwise it will increase its own shortcomings.


Woolen short coat with leggings, a very sought after method, can visually elongate the length of the leg, especially with shoes, it is special temperament.


Woolen short coat with the same color skirt, a very advanced collocation, in the color above to avoid the embarrassment of not matching, but also give people a more stable feeling, can give a person's image add a lot of points.


For the wool short coat, everyone has their own collocation, it is not to say that we must follow the trend is a fashion. Only those who suit themselves can wear their own taste, then the feeling is unique, which must be chosen according to their own situation.

Matters needing attention

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