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How to adjust the distance of the electric garage door

2018-04-19 04:48:38

The travel distance of the electric garage door is a headache for many people, the inaccurate travel distance will secretly affect the convenience of the use of the electric garage door, and it is necessary to find a professional garage door adjustment, therefore, it is necessary to learn to adjust it manually. The distance of the electric garage door can be adjusted by following the following seven steps.


Press the FUNC key on the control board, then the RUN light will start to shine, hold down this key for more than 8 seconds, the RUN light will become steady on, then the program will enter the process of opening and closing the door and overloading learning;


Press the INC key, at this time the motor begins to RUN in the direction of the door, press and hold, the motor running speed from slow to fast, while the RUN indicator light shines, indicating that the motor is running upward. After reaching the ideal position, release the key and the motor stops running; If the DEC key is pressed, the motor will run from slow to fast to close the door, and the STA light will shine. Use these two keys to adjust the upper position.


If the upper position is adjusted properly, press the FUNC key once, the RUN indicator flashes quickly and then goes out, indicating that the upper position learning is complete; At the same time, the STA light is lit, and the program enters the learning process in place;


Use INC and DEC buttons to adjust the lower position. After reaching the predetermined position, press FUNC key once. At this time, STA light will shine, indicating that the lower position learning is completed.


After learning the upper and lower positions, the program automatically enters the open and close door force learning: The door first runs in the direction of opening the door, while the RUN light is lit, in the process of running the door, the program automatically measures the resistance received by the door, reaches the upper position, automatically stops, after a delay of a period of time, the program automatically closes the door, at this time the STA light is lit, the program measures the force when closing the door, reaches the lower position, automatically stops;


Power learning is completed, all learned values are saved, and RUN and STA lights flash several times, indicating that the program is completed;


At this time, press the button on the remote control or the button on the wall switch, and the motor will run according to the requirements.

Matters needing attention

1, for non-standard garage doors, please be sure to seek the manufacturer's opinion;


2. Before operating the remote control or the wall button, ensure that the door balance system is in good working condition;


3, all provided warning labels should be posted in a prominent place;


4. When the door is running, ensure that no children pass or obstacles are allowed under the door;


5, if the balance system failure, please find professional installation personnel or dealers to deal with.