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How to apply for an Italian business visa?

2018-01-02 03:12:00
Italy is located in southern Europe and consists mainly of the boot-shaped Apennine Peninsula and two large islands in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily and Sardinia. Italy borders France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia in the northern Alps. In 1946, the Italian Republic was established, and the green, white and red tricolor flag was officially designated as the national flag of the Republic. Its capital is in Rome; Milan is the fashion capital of the world; Turin is the industrial capital of Italy. Italy is a highly developed democratic republic, the cradle of European nationality and culture, particularly in services, tourism and foreign trade, and is a founding member of the North Atlantic Treaty and the European Union. Italy has a long tradition in art, science and technology, and is home to 47 World Heritage sites and ranks first in the world.
How to apply for an Italian business visa?

Continent: Europe


Country: Italy


Visa type: Business visa


Validity: Upon application


Duration of stay: upon application


Number of entries: Multiple


Working days: 2-3 after the interview


Interview or not: Interview required


Field division: Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian and Qiongfour provinces are accepted by Guangzhou; Shanghai, Zhejiang and Su are accepted by Shanghai; Others are accepted by Beijing


Information required for processing


1. The original and photocopy of the passport must be signed by the holder on the last page of the passport; The validity period must be at least six months (from the last day of validity of the visa applied for); Passport with at least 2 blank visa pages for use; All old passports must be provided if available.


2, photos 3 3.5cm×4.5cm white background color headless photos within the past 6 months, ears exposed, hair uncovered, face intact, no sunglasses.


3. Copy of the front and back of the ID card, the content must be clear.


4. Please provide the original of the household registration book and a copy of each page of all members, such as the collective account, provide the home page and my page.


5. Each item of the personal data form must be filled in truthfully and neatly. If false information is provided, the visa application may be refused


China Company Information


1. Copy of the company's business license Copy of the business license/copy of the organization code certificate with the official seal of the company


2. Company guarantee letter


(1) Print on company pads with company address, telephone number, fax number and other contact information


(2) The contents should be: a, the applicant's passport number, date of birth, position, salary; b, the planned length of stay (from when to when, the total number of days), purpose and itinerary; d, who will pay for the visit expenses; e. Ensure that the applicant will comply with the laws of the destination and return to China on time.


(3) After printing, the official seal of the company should be affixed and the signature of the person in charge


Inviting party information


1.A copy of the business license issued by the Italian Chamber of Commerce to the Italian company no earlier than six months before the registration certificate of the Chamber of Commerce (C.C.I.A.A.),C.C.I.A.A. The list of legal representatives or directors of the invited company should be visible (and stamped).


2. Invitation Letter Guarantee Letter Original invitation letter


(1) Need to use the invitation company's pads to print, with the invitation company address, telephone number, fax number and other contact information


(2) The contents should be: a, the applicant's passport number, date of birth, position, salary; B. The planned length of stay (from what time to what time and the total number of days), purpose and itinerary; d, who will pay for the visit expenses; e. Return guarantee


(3) After printing, the company seal should be affixed and the inviter's signature should be signed.


(4) The letter should include Italian Article 286 on non-immigrants (indicating that the inviter understands and complies with this article).


3. Copies of other invitees' ID cards and the first and last pages of their passports


Proof of assets


1. Copy of original bank passbook Original and copy of bank statement or current passbook in your or your spouse's name (if you only have a bank card, you need to go to the bank to print the latest six months of bank statement and stamp the bank seal), you can provide multiple copies of the bank statement or current passbook. Periodically, ancillary property can also be provided as information.


2. Copy of real estate certificate or purchase contract and invoice under the name of the applicant for fixed assets. Copy of car license in my name, etc.


Other data


1, air ticket hotel order The entire trip arrangement corresponding to the round-trip air ticket (can be agent) and hotel booking, if there is a hotel mentioned in the invitation, do not provide hotel order.


2, International medical insurance Schengen visa applicants must buy international medical insurance and accident insurance, medical compensation cannot be less than 30,000 euros. Applicants can provide the English version of the policy at the time of entry, otherwise they may be refused entry. The insurance period should be 2 days in advance of the actual trip, and extended 3 days later (can be bought on behalf of).


Special population


1, temporary residents need to provide a copy of the temporary residence permit (effective half a year ago, if less than half a year, please provide the old temporary residence permit or the local public Security bureau, neighborhood committee street issued by the original letter of certification, specific country specific requirements, please consult and confirm) Remarks: Italy exempted from interview conditions (meet one of them) :


1, within two years to obtain more than 1 visa with the country (including 1).


2, Obtained more than 2 times in the United States/United Kingdom/Canada visa within two years (including 2 times).


3, three or more times within three to five years to obtain a visa from the United Kingdom/the United States/Canada/the applicant country or 1 Italy plus 1 United States/the United Kingdom/Canada/Schengen countries after obtaining the above visa must be used, if you do not use the obtained visa to go abroad, the visa can not be used for Italy's exemption from interview conditions.