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How to avoid congestion by taking viaducts and urban tunnels?

2018-05-14 01:36:55

Now in order to avoid congestion in the city, will build viaducts, tunnels, etc., but sometimes viaducts, tunnels will also be congested, how to avoid being blocked?


Pay attention to the newly built viaducts, tunnels and other roads, pay attention to avoid congestion when trying new things, do not run in the morning and evening peak hours, it is easy to be blocked.


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Before driving the bridge, we want to avoid congestion, we can open the map to see whether the elevated road conditions are congested, which can improve travel efficiency.


When there are many vehicles such as holidays, Christmas, Qingming Festival, etc., we try not to go to the bustling places of the business district, because the congestion is very serious.


In some sections, in fact, the ground road is often more smooth than the viaduct or tunnel, because the tunnel lane is less than the ground road spacious, to learn to choose.


Take viaducts or tunnels, should be optimistic about the speed limit, do not run too willfully, to avoid being captured.

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