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How to buy a mountain bike?

2018-03-02 14:24:00

With the change of the way people travel, mountain bikes are becoming more and more popular. So how to buy a mountain bike? Which brand of mountain bike is good? According to the basic mechanism of mountain bike, this article explains to you how to buy a suitable mountain bike from the important basic accessories of mountain bike.


The frame. In terms of versatility, steel frame is a very good choice, with good flexibility and applicability, once damage occurs, any small county seat, or car repair, can be solved. But now the moderate weight, strong and durable steel shelf has been very difficult to buy. Although once the aluminum alloy frame is damaged, it can only find a special welding place to repair, but because of its light weight and cheap, it has been popular in the sports bicycle market, and its strength has reached a certain standard with the improvement of the process, so the aluminum alloy frame is also a good choice. If you choose the aluminum alloy shelf, please try to choose with reinforcement, for some more pumping, light weight to choose carefully, they will not necessarily crack in the welded joint, but it is likely to crack after the accidental impact in the pumping place. Carbon and titanium and other materials are not discussed for the time being. Remind you that after many shelves are out, the screws of the rear hook are not locked, and must remember to tighten them, otherwise, the rear claw hook is very troublesome to fall off.


Fork front. The choice of soft fork or hard fork has always been a problem that bothers many people. The hard fork is obviously more efficient and lighter, but it is not uncommon to experience numbness in your arms when you encounter a bumpy road. Soft forks can greatly reduce the vibration from the ground, but the natural sacrifice of efficiency, and the weight is heavy, once the failure, maintenance is difficult, which is also an indisputable fact. Therefore, it should be based on the situation along the long distance and targeted choice, if the main is to run on the flat road, the hard fork is fully competent, if the road condition is very poor, the soft fork is necessary. It is a good idea to choose a good quality cushioned front fork with a lock. If you want to install the front shelf or fender, be sure to pay attention to whether the purchased fork has the corresponding screw hole.


Bowl set. Now the quality of the bowl group is better, even the most popular VP, normal use is rarely damaged, but need to remind you that: after the installation of the bowl group, must remember to fix the fixing screw on the bowl group cover, the lock is too tight, the steering is wrinkled, affecting the control. If it is too loose, the bowl set is easy to be deformed and damaged by the vibration from the ground, and the shelf head is easy to crack under the agitation of the fork, and the loss is even greater. In addition, after running a certain number of kilometers, remember to check all the screws on the car that should be locked.


The handlebars. There is no doubt that the butterfly handle is the best choice. The disadvantage is that it is heavy, but considering its great improvement in comfort, you can choose the grip posture at will, which can effectively relieve the upper body fatigue in the long distance, and the weight is completely worth the effort. In theory, the swallow handle should have better flexibility than the straight handle, but in actual use, I did not feel this particularly strongly, these two kinds of handles can be used to run long distances, and the effect is better with a pair of handles, but the total weight is naturally close to the butterfly handle.


Put it up. Select adjustable Angle stand. The effect is not only that you can adjust the Angle, but also effectively adjust the equivalent length, which can better adapt to changes in road conditions and make targeted adjustments. Only this kind of vertical structure is a little more complicated, the weight is also a lot heavier, and there are not many options on the market. I can't buy it, so I can find a good size, strong enough handle.


The seat rod. Should I choose a damping seat rod? It's a matter of opinion. Shock absorption often brings about a reduction in cycling efficiency, so many people do not like it, but long distance travel comfort first, efficiency second, giving up comfort, often makes people unbearable, and finally forced to abandon the plan. The damping seat rod can effectively alleviate long-distance turbulence and is worth considering. Now almost all brands of mountain bikes, all the shock absorber seat rod as the standard configuration, I believe it has its own reason.


Take a condom. The butterfly will naturally choose the long leggings, so that you can lie on the car in any position you like. Other handlebars can also be selected on request. The sponge handle is not particularly durable, it is easy to break, but it absorbs sweat, and the silicone is harder, but it has a good grip and is more durable. Can be purchased according to personal preference or common recommendation. For long trips, bringing a pair of spare handle sets is very necessary, after all, things are also very light.


The shelves. For long trips, mountain bikes can be loaded with a lot of weight by installing front and rear shelves. The shelf must be strong, and the load-bearing capacity is strong. It must be the kind fixed with screws on the back triangle, the kind of long-distance travel fixed by the seat rod is very undesirable, not only can not carry a lot of weight, but also has a great impact on the riding, it is very easy to lose control, but also easily lead to the fracture of the seat rod or the deformation of the frame. Many front forks have matching screw holes, which can be installed on the front shelf, which can further improve the load capacity of the car.


Tires. Maybe you like the high-speed feel of a 1.50 bare head, or maybe you like the grip of a 2.35 or wider tire, but these are not the best options for long trips. 26X1.95 inner and outer tires are the most common, and the most common choice, the inner tube should consider the United States mouth, the applicability of the French mouth is too poor, in addition, prepare two United States mouth to British mouth (the most common kind of gas mouth on the street) adapter ring, so that anyone can borrow an air cylinder can pump, especially in the case that you do not have an air cylinder or tools can not be used. 700C is definitely not a good choice, ask: once your tires out of any situation, in the street to find a random repair stall, can take 700C inside and outside tires? Long distance travel is unpredictable, in the vast land of the great China, choose 26 inch tire mountain bike, is definitely the safest choice.


A dental tray. Wide trouser legs are very easy to be scraped by the dental disc, and even rolled into, so the dental disc with the protective disc is a good choice (the dental disc with the protective disc is more common in some low-end entry-level products, some dental discs can also be additional installation of the protective disc, but it is not easy to buy), but it is not mandatory, because you can use a leg to achieve the same effect. Personally very recommended to invest more in the dental tray, good strength dental tray can significantly improve efficiency, and little deformation and rapid wear, need to remind you is: If there is a disk on the tray, you must remember to lock it again, and it is best to check regularly on the long way, this is a very easy place to loose, when you find, often the screws have been lost, and lost one, others will follow, the journey is inevitable halfway.


Step on foot. Non-self-locking foot is better, if the use of self-locking, it is recommended to prepare their own repair pieces, pioneer's Pealing foot is a good choice, but please note that the first foot must be tightened, otherwise driven by the thigh, the loose foot will damage the screw thread on the crank, and finally the screw hole will be damaged and deformed, and the foot and tooth disk will be discarded. Long bike rides become outdoor hikes.


Brake. There is no doubt that the V-brake is a good choice, if the road is very muddy along the way, you can even consider the suspension brake (of course, now a good suspension brake is not very good to buy). I did not say the road clamp, because I have said before, it is best to use a mountain bike to run long distances, do not recommend the disc brake is not good maintenance, I have a friend's car in the long distance, by a slight collision, resulting in disc deformation, riding very hard, and then had to remove, slow, just barely deal with back.


The rim of the car. Must buy double ring, as for the knife ring or the flat ring to see personal favorite, long-distance travel can choose the flat ring, the strength is not necessarily much worse than the knife ring, but the elasticity is better, can very limited to ease some of the road bumps, now basically are aluminum alloy rim, the more expensive ring is not necessarily the better, but may be lighter, cheap ring is not necessarily bad strength, It's just a little thicker. According to my experience, as long as the circle is well prepared, as long as the circle is particularly cheap and poor quality, it can be supported for a long time without a more obvious bias.


The chain. First of all, the chain should be matched with other parts, although the 9-speed chain can be used in 7-8 speed, but the 9-10 speed chain is often thinner, and there is no 8-speed leather. There is also a little secret that can tell you that in case the chain is broken or broken, remove the damaged sections and install the chain of a domestic variable speed vehicle at the repair booth, which can also support a period of time, enough time to find new repair parts. The more specialized something is, the more targeted it is, the less versatile it is.


A seat cushion. People in the journey, comfort first, efficiency second, each home has a lot of travel cushions, we can choose for their own situation, need to remind you that: the cushion is not the wider the thicker the better, the cushion to be comfortable, the key to see how the cushion surface of the pelvis support, too wide cushions, and even rub the inner thigh skin, resulting in chafing. Too soft cushion, no good support, people are easy to fatigue, moderate softness, good elasticity, and good support for the buttocks, is a good cushion.

Matters needing attention

In addition to the above main components, there are many auxiliary tools and accessories that you need to buy, you can click on the resources to understand. For example, the purchase of kettle rack should pay attention to whether the structure is strong; Headlights do not necessarily need to shine far, more than ten meters is enough. However, we should try to choose the battery is easy to buy, and the brightness is high, the lighting surface is relatively large, and the seal is better, it is best to prepare a set of batteries and spare bulbs.


Now online shopping mountain bikes has become a fashion, and the quality is also guaranteed, but before buying must pay attention to, it is best to buy a complete set of equipment in the same shop, in addition to mountain bikes, stopwatch, lights and other accessories should also be purchased together, otherwise the quality of service is difficult to guarantee. Click on Resources below to view mountain bikes and their necessary accessories.


It is best to buy a mountain bike with good evaluation and high sales, that is, which brand of mountain bike is good. You can click on the resources to see the brand mountain bike, so that the quality and service are guaranteed.