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How to buy/choose a home water purifier, how to choose a water purifier?

2018-04-27 01:36:13

Now the wide variety of water purifiers, all kinds of dazzling, do not know how to choose, in these different prices of water purifiers how we should choose is the best? Mainly look at the following points......


Purchase of water purifier tip 1 [Health license approval of the Ministry of Health] : with this water purifier product is allowed to be produced.


Purchase of water purifier tip 2 [Home safety 3C certification] : This is to ensure the most basic use of household appliances safety.


Buy water purifier tip three [filter] : the most critical water purifier is the filter element, when buying to see clearly the type and material of the filter element, which is also the main reason for the wide difference in the price of the water purifier.


This page is based on experience


Buy water purifier tips five [Choose a water purifier that is easy to clean and replace the filter element] : The water purifier needs to be cleaned and replaced regularly to prevent secondary pollution.

Matters needing attention

The price of water purifier is very different, in addition to its brand influence these factors, mainly caused by the cost of this raw material, so it is best not to buy a water purifier, after all, it is about our health.