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How to choose a household socket

2018-04-18 17:36:07

How to buy household socket? What are the common types and what are the purchase principles? When you do not pay attention to decoration, you know how inconvenient it is when you use it. There are many kinds of sockets on the market, and we must configure them reasonably according to our own situation.


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Socket purchase skills: For most people, the core principle is the big brand of the official channel, reliable quality and high safety. Common brands are Bull, Siemens, Leglan, Chint, Schneider, domestic Hongyan and so on are very good. We only need to consider the appearance and the price. For some engineering enthusiasts, you can search for professional assessments, which may be helpful to you.


Where do the sockets need to be left (estimate the number of sockets) : kitchen: range hood socket, refrigerator socket, gas water heater socket, steam oven and dishwasher socket (be sure to find out in advance 10A or 16A), water dispenser (wire machine) socket, reserve 2-3 small household appliance sockets above the cabinet table (preferably with a switch, easy to operate) Bathroom: Washing machine socket, electric water heater socket, smart mirror socket, hair dryer (razor) socket reserved, smart toilet socket reserved Bedroom: nightstand on both sides of the power socket one, air conditioning socket a 16A, TV socket network cable socket according to their own situation It is best to install 3 above the desktop, install 2 computer sockets below the desktop, a 16A computer socket, if there is a bed, the bedside should also have an ordinary socket living room: TV wall needs to install 2-4 sockets, TV socket, network socket, set-top box, power amplifier DVD and so on according to their own situation to choose.