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How to choose a shop

2018-05-13 14:24:52

A good shop is half the success, so how to choose a good shop? For such a problem, it is estimated that many people have doubts, so today I will share with you the advice of the real estate experts of the superior rent network:


Choose a good location


What is a good location? Generally speaking, areas with years of commercial history are superior to new areas, shops on either side of the slow lane or pedestrian lane are more valuable than those on either side of the fast lane, and shops on either side of the narrow road are superior to those on either side of the wide road. In comparison with the above locations, mature commercial accumulation areas will have more stable returns.


Focus on return on investment


The purpose of investment is, of course, return. Industry experts have pointed out that after choosing a good location and project for retail investment, we must measure whether the proportion between the sales price and future return is appropriate. According to the general law of shop investment, if the total value of a shop's 10-year rent is equal to the current selling price, then such a shop is worth investing in.


Property rights must be in hand


From the perspective of the type of investment commercial products, shops with independent property rights are more secure. Under the premise of property rights, we must ensure that property rights are in our own hands. At present, many cash-strapped developers keep the property certificate in their own hands and cash out twice, and the corresponding return to the owner is to sign a 3 to 5 year property rights agreement, in these years, the loan will be provided by the developer.


In addition, when purchasing, you can also consider whether there is a main contract here. The main force often becomes the leading force to drive the overall commercial development, such as the existing brand department stores, supermarkets, large brand catering and other contracts, then the overall commercial development prospects here will be optimistic.

Matters needing attention

Field trips are required