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How to choose a water-saving shower faucet

2018-05-01 01:36:48

There are more and more styles of shower heads on the market, the update speed is fast, and the features advertised are more and more. When consumers buy, how to choose the right shower faucet, the following points and friends to share.


It's the water pressure. In areas with low water pressure, shower faucets with single water function or less water function are suitable for use; In areas where the water is stable and the water pressure is sufficient, you can choose a multi-functional shower faucet to enjoy a variety of water bath modes.


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It's a function problem. If you like to shower while enjoying the sensation of water stimulating the body's points, you can choose to massage the shower faucet; If you like the comfortable and warm spray type, soft water column type, water saving state of drip type and other spraying methods, then you can choose a multi-functional combination shower faucet. Friends can refer to the above factors to buy their favorite shower faucet, but also according to the mood, follow the "bath".