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How to choose custom wedding wine

2018-02-24 06:24:00

Now the "80", "90" focus on personality, the pursuit of creativity, every detail of the wedding naturally strive to be different, wedding wine is naturally among them. Nowadays, the personalized wedding banquet is customized with wine, which is the first impression of the guests on the wedding grade. Personalized custom wine can print wedding photos on the bottle, not only can make the wedding a little more romantic, but also will give the wedding relatives and friends to leave a good memory, the festive atmosphere of the wedding to the climax.


Wedding custom wine selection skills 1: variety of marriage is a big thing, so every link can not be careless, wedding wine, of course, also have a good choice! Traditional liquor still has an irreplaceable position in the present wedding banquet, so liquor is essential. In addition to white wine, more fashionable and healthy red wine is also accepted by more and more new people, becoming the new favorite of wedding wine. Because of its "prosperous, auspicious" meaning is very suitable for the theme of the wedding, so the status of red wine in the wedding banquet is rising, and there is a tendency to share the world with white wine. There will be guests of different ages and genders in the wedding banquet, and not everyone of these guests can drink, so we should prepare some drinks for them. Consider pairing carbonated drinks with fruit drinks. To cater for the tastes of different guests.


Wedding custom wine selection skills 2: The choice of varieties now on the market wine brands can be described as dazzling, endless, varieties are also very different, but not all varieties are suitable for wedding wine, the choice of wedding wine should pay attention to the following aspects: 1, the product should be real 2, good taste 3, the brand should be loud 4, the appearance should be festive 5, the price should be affordable only with these conditions is a good wedding wine. In order to enhance the grade of the whole table banquet, it can set off the festive atmosphere and add good color to the wedding banquet.


Wedding custom wine selection tips 3: The price of a single bottle of wine is about 10% of the banquet price, and the consumption of liquor is about 50-60% of the total number of tables at the banquet. Moreover, the season also has a great impact on the consumption of liquor. Generally speaking, the consumption of liquor in winter and spring is more than that in summer and autumn. The amount of white wine will be less, red wine due to the relatively low degree, drink more guests, the actual amount will be more than white wine.