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How to choose the school and major

2018-05-14 20:48:40

Choose a school according to your major


First of all, choose a good professional, professional selection is the first important, sometimes you choose the school is very good, but the corresponding professional may not have so many advantages, out to find a job is also a headache


According to your chosen major, choose several schools, because each school will have its own specialty, it is best to choose the school that is in line with your major, because it is a specialty with relatively characteristics and the school pays more attention to, which will be particularly helpful for your future study, just like my classmates have the same major, but in different levels of schools, the corresponding education is different. One learns more theoretical knowledge, the other begins theoretical practice from the sophomore year, and the salary after coming out is also two extremes


This page is an illegal climb taken from experience


As a junior college upgrade, I only looked at the high rate of this major, so I chose this major, which I did not like, and I did not want to listen to the class, and I found that I would be particularly small and the salary was average after I came out to work

Matters needing attention

Major is particularly important and has a big impact


Personal recommendation, choose the school according to the major