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How to clean white canvas shoes

2018-05-13 22:24:53

White canvas shoes are a lot of love beautiful girls special match, put on instant to their own extra points. However, although many girls like to wear white canvas shoes, they do not know how to wash them correctly. Perhaps girls often wear white canvas shoes too often, or do not pay attention to protection, a pair of new white canvas shoes just bought after a period of time, always stained with yellow stains, making people upset. So, girls who love to wear white canvas shoes, do you know how white canvas shoes should be cleaned? There are several ways to clean white canvas shoes, and two common methods are summarized as follows:


Soak the shoes in warm water, not for a long time, just a few minutes, preferably with a little vinegar in it.


Then brush the shoes with a soft brush, not too hard, but to remove the stain.


Rinse off the white canvas shoes.


Try not to be exposed to the sun, can be covered with toilet paper.

Matters needing attention

When cleaning white canvas shoes, if you must soapy water or washing powder water, brush the shoes to soak for a period of time, and then take out the sun do not put in the sun, cool place is good, when the sun with toilet paper on the shoe spread one or two layers, can absorb the shoes yellow soap.