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How to deal with hyacinth after flowering?

2018-05-14 03:12:49

Hyacinth is good to keep and look good, for how to deal with the hyacinth that has opened flowers, some flower friends are not very clear. Many flower friends say that hyacinth is only raised for a year, and thrown away after raising, resulting in flower friends can not make up their minds, and the following crazy flower florist will tell flower friends the truth. Now the treatment method of hyacinth that has opened is introduced as follows for reference.

Native hyacinth

Soil hyacinth, flowering, can be maintained normally, until the leaves wilt, and then stop watering, put in the shade on it, the second year can sprout and bloom, in normal maintenance, of course, you can also after the wilt, dig out the ball, the root is properly trimmed, and then pick up with newspaper, put in a cool and ventilated place.


Of course, there is a need to say here is that many flower friends will say that the ball, after the hyacinth flowering period, is the stage of raising the ball, flower friends can properly fertilize, to raise the ball, to thin fat oh!

Hydroponic hyacinth

Most flower friends, after the hydroponic hyacinth blooms, look at a leaf and throw it away, in fact, you can also keep the ball, and you can revive the next year. After the hydroponic hyacinth flowers fall off and the leaves are dead, pour out the water, cut off the leaves and roots, let the bulb dry naturally, and then wrap the "onion" with newspaper, put it in a dry place, and continue to raise it as usual in early December (when the flower begins to sell "onion").

Matters needing attention

Flower friends pay attention, after the hyacinth bloom, do not throw it away! After careful handling, you can continue to use it next year!