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How to deal with large pores, the way to save large pores

2018-05-05 19:12:30

There are many girls who have nothing to do with growing well, but the skin is so bad, the pores are too big, not delicate. In addition to natural genetic factors, it is also related to our usual skin care habits. So for large pores, what can we use to solve?




If you look in the mirror and always see that you have a lot of blackheads, then it proves that your skin is very dirty and the cleaning work is not in place, then you can consider doing a deep cleaning once or twice a week, using a cleaning mud film to clean and keep the pores clean.


To carefully exfoliate, sometimes the waste of keratin will not fall off by itself, and we need to help it fall bald. Because the waste keratin accumulated in the pores will make the pores clogged, and then acne, blackheads, acne and other problems occur.


Usually do a good job of sunscreen work, ultraviolet rays will make your skin accelerate aging, and irradiation on your skin, if you are already serious blackheads, pores, it is worse.


The skin is not good, the pores are thick, and usually do not pay attention to add more water to the body, the body's intake of water is too important, if the body does not have enough water, your skin will not want to get better, the pores should be thick or thick.


When you wash your face, you can use a facial cleanser, which can help clear pores and is more effective than pure hand washing. However, it should be noted that the use of regular qualified face wash, and do not use every day, three times a week is good, overuse will also damage the skin.


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Matters needing attention

Always pay attention to keep the pores of the face clean.