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How to distribute community public benefits

2018-05-13 12:48:35

Do you know who owns the advertising revenue in the elevator and corridor of the community? The advertising fee, booth fee, parking space rental in the community, in fact, belong to the public benefits of the community, today's interpretation of the "Civil Code", to tell you the answer!

The benefits of the community have those!

For a long time, the ownership of the income generated by the common property rights of the owners of the community has been controversial, such as elevator advertising, large screen advertising, booth advertising, parking space rental income in the end who should belong to? So in the current property law (how the current property law is stipulated) the provisions are not very clear, most of them are collected by the property, and it is difficult for the owner to get this part of the income, which leads to contradictions and disputes between the property and the owner.


This information comes from experience


Article 282 of the Civil Code stipulates that the income generated by the construction unit, property service enterprise or other managers using the common part of the owner shall be owned by the owner after deducting reasonable costs. That is to say, the "Civil Code" makes it clear that the income generated by using the common place of the owners of the community belongs to the owners.


At the same time, Article 283 provides that: where there is an agreement on matters such as cost sharing and income distribution of buildings and their ancillary facilities, the agreement shall be followed; If there is no agreement or the agreement is not clear, it shall be determined according to the proportion of the area exclusive to the owner.

The editor says:

The "Civil Code" makes it clear that the public benefits of the community are jointly owned by the owners, which will also play a role in determining division and ending disputes to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the owners. At the same time, as the owner should also actively establish the owner committee, and the property or construction unit to reach an agreement on the public benefits of the community, reasonable operation and distribution, to avoid disputes.