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How to download tomcat from Tocat official website

2018-03-13 12:48:38

For programmer friends who are not very proficient in English, looking at the Tomcat official website is really some crazy, download a software, but also have to find ah, more annoying, for often downloaded friends that has no impact, the following download method for friends who do not often visit the site is still very helpful;


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Please remember tomca's official website, this is generally not going to change, we mainly look at the left menu bar: 1, Which version? Introduces the common versions of tomcat and the corresponding versions of Servlet and JSP. 2. Information about major versions of tomcat; 3. Archives, archive directory of all versions of tomcat;


Before downloading tomcat, confirm the common versions of tomcat and which versions of servlets and JSP are adapted to avoid problems when setting up the environment, and you have to do repeated work;


Here I choose the page of tomcat version 9, we mainly look at two options: 1, Browse, browse the latest version of version 9; 2. Archives, directly access the archive directory of version 9, including all version 9 information;


You can also directly access all versions of the archive directory, level by level to find the version you want to download;


Here I choose version 9.0.8, which can be found through the two methods of step 3 and 4 above, and the latest version is generally at the bottom of the directory;


Then go to the next level directory of 9.0.8, mainly look at the bin and src folders: 1, the bin folder is already compiled into binary version; 2, src folder is uncompiled source code;


In most cases, we use the version that has been compiled, select the corresponding version of the system, click to download;

Matters needing attention

Confirm the version you need, there is no need to download the latest version, the most suitable on the line;