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How to Escape an earthquake

2018-05-04 08:00:21

In the face of the danger of nature, human power is so weak, but good protective measures and escape awareness can greatly improve the probability of survival.


Triangular support point




Earthquake to this day, science is still difficult to predict in advance, basically rely on themselves and their families, so there has been a saying that the response within dozens of seconds after the earthquake began to determine the results of the escape, the earthquake will last for a few minutes at most, lasting several times, but the result is that the sea has changed.


Under normal circumstances, the initial strength of the earthquake will be relatively small, but tens of seconds of time, the reaction is slow and do not know what is born, so the first is to escape the consciousness. Xiaobian has experienced several earthquakes with obvious tremors, but there is still more distance from the epicenter, to tell the truth, the first two completely unable to react.


At the beginning of the earthquake, people will have a feeling of dizziness, which may be the instinct of people under the force of nature, the higher the floor, the more obvious the feeling, Xiaobian has a time in the 18th floor, can feel the floor is obviously shaking.


Many guidelines say you should leave the building as soon as possible, which is true, but you should not take the elevator; So to assess the time needed to escape, if there are old people and children, it is not practical for the upper level to use this solution.


After leaving the building, go to open areas, such as parks and squares, and be careful not to stay near transformers and power transmission facilities; It looks like a good place near the road, pay attention to traffic safety, and the road is also a very concentrated place, to pay more attention.


If there are old people and children, time may not be able to run out of the building, then we must find a suitable place in the home to deal with, the manual learned when I was young is to hide under the table or under the bed, and now often use Simmons and glass tables, not necessarily, but the next best thing is to hide in the side of solid furniture that is easy to form support.


The safer place of the older house is the toilet and the kitchen, the toilet, the kitchen decoration is generally not allowed to remove the wall, the reason is because both sides are load-bearing walls, near the corner of the load-bearing wall to sit; The new building is framed, so there are no more solid points.


If you can choose to take one thing, it must be water, people in the absence of water, even if there is food can not survive for 3 days, which is one of the advantages of the toilet and kitchen, can first contact some water. Finally, it is emphasized that escape is not desertion, it should be taken seriously, and do not have a fluke mentality or fear of being laughed at and give up the first dozens of seconds.

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