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How to exercise the abs

2018-03-12 22:24:19

Everyone wants to have a good body, do not want to be bloated like a big belly, everyone wants to have enviable abdominal muscles, so, do not wear anything to look good, so, Xiaobian today is about to talk about, how to develop abdominal muscles, get rid of fat.


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Sit-ups: This is a good way to consume excess abdominal fat, you can also do it at home, put your legs flat on the ground, it is best to maintain the upper body and the horizontal Angle of 45 degrees when you sit up for a while, you will feel the strength of the abdominal muscles, and then lie down to continue to do.


Leg lifts: This exercises the lower abs, which are the large muscles near the lower abdomen. The way is to lie flat on the ground, the hands can be cushioned on the butt, can also be placed on the sides, and then the legs are tight and straight, and the knees should be as straight as possible. Then slowly lift the legs into the air, about 90 degrees later, and then slowly lower the legs. Keep your feet off the ground as you lower them. Stop when you are about 5 centimeters off the ground and do a second one.


Gym guide exercise: this is the most professional channel, you can have a special coach to guide you to exercise, you can get the fastest abs, of course, this is by money in exchange.


Pay attention to the overall body shape exercise: exercise abdominal muscles, not only exercise abdominal muscles, you also pay attention to the usual overall exercise, running, strengthening various forms of exercise, of course, diet should also keep up.

Matters needing attention

Exercise abdominal muscles is to take your time, do not be too eager, but pay attention to the intensity of the exercise to avoid muscle strain.


The usual diet nutrition should also keep up.