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How to find a suitable SCI journal for submission?

2018-04-09 11:12:42

For graduate students, paper writing and submission are necessary work. However, you will often worry about finding a suitable journal, and the author will tell you how to find a suitable SCI journal for submission.


Latest SCI Impact Factor Inquiry and Journal Submission Analysis System (Letpub)


First, search Letpub and then select the "Latest SCI Impact Factor Query and Journal Submission Analysis System" page.


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Take the paper of image processing as an example, enter "image processing" in "Research direction"; Select "Engineering Technology" for "Major Discipline"; "Subdiscipline" select "Imaging Science and Photography" and click Search.


After the search, there is a series of professional SCI journals with relevant research content, and you can select the corresponding journals to submit.

Matters needing attention

Letpub has corresponding reviews for each journal, you can browse as a reference.