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How to find the current hot events with high attention for experience writing

2018-05-15 01:36:27

How to find the current hot events that everyone is concerned about? Here is a small series of experience to share with your friends.




Take a look at today's or recent headlines, especially recommended ones, and find what you want to write about.


Go to the search, there are hot above, you can also go to the various categories to find their top events.


Enter the hot search list, basically every portal has its own hot search list, find a large portal hot search list, see what everyone is paying attention to, looking for creative inspiration.


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Pay attention to what different groups around you are paying attention to these days. College students who are about to graduate are concerned about the events of the thesis, parents with children at home are concerned about how to choose a school when their children are about to enter school, etc., and young friends are concerned about the Apple X when a new apple is just launched.

Matters needing attention

As long as you are careful, there is no shortage of hot events around you.