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How to identify the true and false test perfume

2018-01-10 03:12:00

Perfume test, simply said is the perfume sample, is the brand used to promote, give customers when the publicity, the capacity from 0.xml to 2ml, depending on the brand, and the quality and large bottle of perfume is exactly the same. The perfume packaging is generally 2 kinds of paper card and plastic paper packaging, the bottle is a glass test bottle, there are 2 kinds of dip and nozzle. The author is a perfume control, collected nearly 100 major brands, each characteristic of the perfume test. In the process of scouring, also accumulated some experience in identifying true and false perfume test, here and everyone do a share. There are also articles on the Internet to teach you to distinguish the true and false test perfume, what to see whether the packaging is poor, whether the spray is uniform, whether the smell is complete, these tricks are only suitable for those perfume masters, or have enough experience to buy friends, for our general buyers, there is no guidance and operability. Here I teach you a few tips, recruit the enemy, let you buy authentic perfume test.


First, grasp the whole. You go to a shop to buy a perfume test, and these satisfying perfume tests are a good opportunity for us to identify. The purpose of the overall grasp is mainly to judge whether this, this seller is selling genuine or fake goods. Very rare Hermes 4ML authentic perfume fake outrageous 5ML test, actually or triangle gift box packaging 1. Capacity. It can be said that 99.99% of the capacity of the perfume test is between 0.xml-2ml, and at present, only the Hermes Hermessense series has been 4ML of the perfume test (see above), and this test perfume is very rare on the market, you may not have the opportunity to see. Therefore, if the seller's shelf is 3ML or 4ML, 5ML test, then, do not consider that 100% of the products sold are fake, which is one. Second, if the seller is selling all 2ML of perfume, then, OK, it must be all fake. In the genuine test, there are 2ML capacity, but not many, 1.xml will account for the majority. Therefore, if the major brands sold are all 2ML, it can only be said that these are from the fake workers. At the moment, the most imitated perfume, the most difficult to identify, is this 2ML test. We deduce backwards, we can conclude that the sale is 2ML test, must be selling fakes. 2. Price. The wholesale price of authentic perfumes is around $15 each, while those from Hermes and Chanel are more expensive, with wholesale prices around $30. And the high imitation of the test perfume, the wholesale price is about 3 or 4 yuan. Therefore, if you buy perfume, only a few dollars, or ten dollars, it is nine times out of ten is fake. And Chanel, Hermes, 30 yuan below the try, must be fake, genuine products sold between 35-50. If it is generally sold, it is rarely a mixture of real and fake, because it is easier to be seen.


This page is an illegal climb taken from experience

Specific case

Here are some pictures of the true and false comparison of some common perfumes. To help you distinguish between real and fake perfume test. Real and fake Chanel COCO try perfume comparison


Real and fake Chanel No. 5 low-key luxury perfume test comparison


Real and fake Chanel pink encounter test perfume contrast


Real and fake Dior honey try perfume comparison


Real Dior real me perfume comparison