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How to improve the happiness index of university staff

2018-05-04 22:24:49

Teaching staff is to educate our children, so we have to care for them, so that they appear this job is not easy, so it is necessary to strengthen their treatment, we no matter from the humanistic care, or life care, we need, even including their families, we can help as much as possible to help.






First, we should strive to raise their income level, so that they can have the most basic protection for their livelihood and so that their wages will not differ too much from the average level


Second, to solve their housing problems, said, to provide them with affordable housing, so that they can be comfortable teaching, cultivate good students, for them to buy a house, you can give certain concessions.


Third, solve the problem of their own children's reading difficulties, so that they have no worries, and give certain care to their children's reading problems, so that they can easily take care of their children.


Fourthly, some sports and sports activities can be held from time to time to enrich their spiritual life and relax their body and mind at appropriate times. Sports competitions can be held between teachers or students, which can make the distance between teachers and students closer and avoid obstacles.


Fifth, strive to improve the ability and level of work, at the appropriate time, they can carry out centralized training, so that they will not find it difficult to work


Fifth, it can effectively solve the aspects of teachers' eating, what they eat has a certain discount, and the food level is effectively improved.

Matters needing attention

Good policies should be issued in a timely manner in light of local conditions


Policy is good, depends on how to implement it