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How to inherit traditional culture

2018-02-22 08:00:00

Traditional culture needs to be passed on from generation to generation, but with the development of The Times, modern culture presents a trend of diversification, which brings a huge impact on our traditional culture. Xiaobian believes that inheriting traditional culture needs to grasp the following aspects.


Policy support and guidance In our country, policy guidance and support have a guiding effect on students' study and social and cultural trends. The state should increase the publicity of traditional culture and give encouragement and substantive support to those who inherit and develop traditional culture, such as giving a certain degree of preferential policies to students with strong traditional culture. Appropriate subsidies can be provided to traditional craftsmen. We will strengthen the protection of cultural monuments and take timely remedial measures for damaged parts.


With the continuous introduction of foreign entertainment programs and entertainers, the media propagandize these variety shows and entertainers in order to cater to the public and obtain higher ratings. Due to the lack of audience rating of traditional culture, the number of variety shows of traditional culture has decreased, and it is difficult to attract the attention and interest of teenagers.


Consciously cultivate children's interest to introduce the essence of traditional culture into educational textbooks and carry on traditional culture education to students. At the same time, increase the development of traditional culture theme activities, and popularize traditional culture in multiple ways and diversified.