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How to lose weight? Teach you how to lose weight!

2017-12-31 17:36:00
Metabolism is a small train in our body that burns calories, and if we can speed it up, fat burning can also be greatly accelerated. Fear of drug weight loss side effects of the best principle of weight loss is to achieve weight loss through diet control, seven dietary principles make weight loss more healthy.

Under normal circumstances, the average person is used to three meals a day. The body is most consumed in the morning. Because the stomach has been emptied after a night of digestion, if you do not eat breakfast, the energy consumed by the activities of the whole morning is completely dependent on the dinner provided the day before, which is far from meeting the nutritional needs. You can find Yang Ting slim method on Baidu, scientific arrangement of three meals to eat.


Control staple food and limit sweets if the original amount of food is large, staple food can be reduced by the decline method, three meals a day minus 50 grams. For starchy and extremely sweet foods such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, lotus root powder, jam, honey, candy, preserves, fruit juice sweets, try to eat less or do not eat. Non-staple foods can be lean meat, fish, eggs, soy products and vegetables and fruits with less sugar.


In the process of losing weight, it is best to follow the principle of eating a small number of meals, and distribute the total amount of food for three meals a day to five meals a day. And the last meal of the day is best eaten five to six hours before bed.


Dietary fiber Dietary fiber weight loss: fiber can hinder the absorption of food, fiber in the stomach water expansion, can form a larger volume, make people feel full, help to reduce the amount of food, has a certain effect on weight control. Fiber rich foods are mainly: oatmeal, barley, corn, buckwheat noodles, all kinds of beans and vegetables, in addition to the health food contains the most rich plant fiber, is extracted from a variety of plants made of healthy diet.


Drinking water or soup Drinking water is an essential need in People's Daily life. Summer can eat watermelon, tomatoes and other thirst. Watermelon juice, winter melon soup and can diuretic. Excessive restriction of water can make fat people sweat gland secretion disorder, adverse body temperature regulation, especially urine concentration, metabolic residue is not easy to discharge, but also can cause fatigue, headache, fatigue and other symptoms. Moderate drinking water can replenish water and regulate lipid metabolism. Soup is good for human health. Research has found that soup is a good appetite combatant. Therefore, some obese people use soup to lose weight.


The main ingredient in alcohol is alcohol, which is high in calories and can promote the deposit of fat in the body, and can produce 7 kilograms of heat per liter of alcohol. Protein and sugar and fat can also produce calories (1 gram of protein and sugar each produce 4 kilocalories, 1 gram of fat produces 9 kilocalories), but they contain ingredients that are good for you. Alcohol, on the other hand, contains only calories, which are always fattening.


100 grams of lean meat contains 16.7 grams of protein and 28.8 grams of fat. Lean meat is not a high protein and low fat food. It has more fat than protein. So eating too much lean meat will greatly increase the intake of animal fat. How fat and thin a person is is related to how many calories they eat.