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How to make a document directory in word?

2018-04-08 09:36:59

When the text produced is dozens of pages long, ask people who are convenient to view to read and locate the search, need to make a table of contents. How to make a table of contents in word?




Open a word document, the document has 11 pages, because the length is short, here only need to make a level 1 directory can be.


You are preferred to insert a blank page before the document home page as the display page for the directory. Then in the Start menu, set the title style of the directory that you want to display. Move your mouse over the title and select Title in the style.


Move the mouse over the top of the blank page (that is, the page where you want to generate the directory) and go to Reference-Directory-Automatic Directory 1. If automatic directory is selected, the directory is quickly generated in the default format. If you need to set the directory, go to the Insert directory.


After clicking insert directory, you can set the display level, generally can do up to three headings, here we set a title can be.


The format of the directory provides a centralized choice, here we choose the "formal" format, after setting, OK.


The directory is automatically generated, the word "directory" can be manually entered, and the font, size and color of the directory can be set in the menu bar.