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How to make baby recover from cough caused by upper respiratory tract infection faster

2018-05-14 06:24:58

Baby cough is a common thing, many babies, usually love to eat some snacks, plus sometimes cold, will cause cough, if there is a sound of irritating cough, no phlegm, nasal discharge, love to sleep, if also with fever, it may be the upper respiratory tract infection caused by cough. At this time, you must remember to see a doctor as soon as possible


Water dispatching


Children cough, a 揧 cough, no phlegm, if also runny nose, accompanied by fever, the first time to go to the doctor for consultation, if the doctor diagnosed cough caused by upper respiratory tract infection, then in addition to taking the medicine prescribed by the doctor, parents should pay attention to the daily care of the family


This information comes from experience


Be sure to remember to feed the baby three meals of medicine, only take medicine on time, in order to make the best effect!


When you have a cold and cough, try to feed your baby as much water as possible, so that the baby has enough water, and will not cause more discomfort to the body such as dry mouth!


When the baby has a cold and cough, the family must not smoke in the baby's room, and should keep the baby away from the environment with gas and other pungent smells for a long time, at the same time, parents usually try to create a smoke-free environment for the baby, which is conducive to the baby's health


When sick, try to let the baby exercise more and increase resistance!


Parents should also pay attention to the changes in the weather, often pay attention to whether the baby's clothes are too much or too little, in order not to sweat, hands and feet will not be cold! May every baby grow up healthily!