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How to make u disk boot item, how to install the system with u disk

2018-04-19 06:24:37

Everyone will have systems, not everyone will install systems. So how to install the system yourself if the system crashes or if you want to change the system? In fact, the easiest way to install the system is to use a USB flash drive, third-party tools. At present, the mainstream system installation is basically started from the u disk installation. Below I first teach you how to make u disk start.




Flash drive


Enter "Cabbage" in the search box to download the complete package of cabbage. It is recommended that you download and install in the software, and other download addresses provided generally contain a large number of Trojan horse information, etc., which is easy for ordinary computer users to download and install Trojan horses and other programs by mistake.


Download and install the Chinese cabbage software. Create a shortcut after installation. During the software installation process, the system will ask whether to create a desktop shortcut, we can select yes. If you do not create a desktop shortcut after software installation, it is difficult to find the program in the installation path.


This article illegal climbing is taken from experience


Select the USB flash drive we want to make, assign the size of the space occupied by the Chinese cabbage USB flash drive, and the mode. Here generally only need to select the u disk, other save the default. The allocation size of the USB flash drive depends on the USB flash drive. If you only make a u disk boot item, generally 100M can be.


Make with one click, and so on. Note that the format of the USB flash drive will be complete when it is started, and the data needs to be backed up in advance. It is emphasized here that the one-key USB flash drive tool will format the USB flash drive first, so be sure to do a good job of data backup or data transfer to avoid data loss.


After the production is completed, we choose to start the simulation to test whether the production is successful.


The simulation started successfully, which means we made a success. Note that we only made the u disk boot item, a boot tool, as for how to install the system, please see the following experience sharing.

Matters needing attention

Pay attention to data backup transfer