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How to open a supermarket

2018-05-13 20:48:10

Market economy is the problem we have to face, wages are too low, money is not enough to spend, in this era of fierce competition, is it the impulse to start a business, operating a small supermarket is a relatively safe conservative entrepreneurial way, now tell you about the specific how to do.


Long-term planning


Be not afraid of hard work


1. Location: This is very important, to choose a place where consumption is relatively concentrated, competition is relatively not fierce and transportation is convenient, and in order to facilitate parking, it is best to have a parking place near the door.


2. Quality of goods: goods should strive for quality and brand have gone, do not just ask for cheap prices, cheap things are not good quality will not be wanted, there is the price to be real, and in line with the local consumption level.


3. Face: Face should be clean and bright. The surface should give people the feeling of formal business qualification as much as possible, and the equipment and layout should be relatively reasonable and convenient for people to take.


4. Management model: Promote the concept of humanized management in business. Goods should be placed in an orderly manner, easy access, observation, to be clear. Classification is also very important, so that hot goods drive cold sales of goods, leaving no dead ends. The staff shall abide by the rules and discipline and implement the reward and punishment system. Inside to always keep clean, this is your stepping stone, do not give a dirty feeling.


5. Opening: In the face of the opening ceremony, be sure to promote in advance, let others know you, understand you. In the process of operation, continuous innovation and improvement, improve the quality of service.


6. Decoration: Face decoration and interior decoration, you must have your brand image. Simplicity is a must, and if necessary, let experienced people help you design.


8. Foresight: Have a long-term vision and be ready to meet changes in the market. In the selection of surfaces and decoration for the long-term plan, leave room for improvement.


These are the above, I hope to help you. The market changes rapidly, investment needs to be cautious, I wish you the best.

Matters needing attention

Investment prudence


Analyze the market