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How to play romance

2018-03-11 03:12:04

Remind you again, if you want to save money to travel, please go to the off-season, spend less money, and have fun, the off-season of tourism generally refers to March to August. (Dear travel agent, don't throw stones at me...) Go out to travel, time is always feeling very short, I have always been in love with the sea, so to go to the seaside travel is what I have been thinking about ~ ~ but the dream of Maldives travel is always out of reach! Originally set the honeymoon tour is and Shangri-La play, but just at the end of May our pair of good friends have just got married, to go on honeymoon, the choice of place is, but my ideal honeymoon mecca has been want to go to the seaside, take a partner with them on the road, choose to go, after all, only to go and 1/3 of the price ~ can also solve my love of the sea plot! When doing homework on the Internet, I have been seeing this sentence "return does not look at the sea, except Yalong is not the bay", now recall, this sentence is really no exaggeration of the description, we have not been abroad, have not seen the sea in other places, so I believe, in terms of, should be the best place for seaside tourism! No more nonsense, talk about the trip and experience sharing these days!


Maybe it is better luck, when Ctrip search for tickets, just met a special price of 290 yuan, two people double flight 1160 yuan (including tax, fuel, insurance), cheap unbelievable, back and forth time is also good, very excited and LG online set a ticket began to do homework to make a trip! Because of the relationship of time, we can really play time only 3 days, to use 3 days to play to the size of the scenic spots, it is still very difficult, can only select some, the most representative place is Wuzhizhou Island, Ya, temple, cape, size Dongtian, Nantian, Luhuitou Park and so on... There are countless online search tips, originally I wanted to go to see, but because we do not believe in Buddhism, but also have no interest in vegetarian dishes, they were denied, Cape is not to regret, to more regret, and I also saw on the plane, on 2 small stones, it is not interesting, friends are going to get off the plane to eat lunch, Afternoon will go to the cape, but after comparison and comparison, we finally locked 4 places, 1, July 2 "Wuzhizhou Island" (online praise countless, the most beautiful sea is not here) 2, July 3 morning "Ah Norda tropical rainforest" (a newly developed tourist attraction, the concentrated embodiment of tropical plants) 3, July 3 afternoon: Pearl River "(small fish, excellent) on July 4," Asia "day tour (five-star wine, the best place for" corruption ")! END

Accommodation options

Go out, live well or not a large part of the mood of travel, because the air ticket saved a lot of money, so in the accommodation choice is a lot of money, to discuss a lot of programs, and finally decided to live in the city for 3 days, 1 day to live in Asia, the city is divided into two places, and choose which place to live is a headache... Inadvertently was attracted by the family apartment, taking into account a lot of factors, feel that living in wine is not as good as living in a decorated family apartment, one is free, and the other has the feeling of home, look and look, was attracted by the romantic apartment, this is located in the bay "coconut dream corridor" before the private apartment, the community is called Lanhai Garden, quite famous online, now the family apartment decoration is really very characteristic, I've been looking online all day and finally booked a two piece sea view queen room for Sunny Holiday. Next, Asia's accommodation and how to choose, a check the price, basically the price is more than 4 figures, the heart is still some distressed ~ ~ hesitation, finally we still set a global city wine villa sea view room, with the local travel agency, 560 yuan a night with double early, the husband said rare luxury, experience it ~ ~


Back to friends, set a luxury sea view big bed room of Tianyu resort wine, 1200 yuan a night ah, that is the real luxury ah ~~~ Later I and LG also went to enjoy the next, hey hey... Not bad, not bad, 1200 sea view is beautiful... Here is to say that all are five-star wine, why the price difference is so much? In fact, the room and facilities of the wine are similar, the difference is that the Universal City and the beach are separated by a road, because the villa is lived, the highest is only three floors, we live on the second floor, the sky is close to the sea, and the floor is the fourth floor, standing high to see far, the price is naturally high step... Finished, on the search for a better reputation of the travel agency, inquiry, shoot, pay ~ ~ ~ the era of the network is so convenient! Hehe ~ ~ ~


The plane arrived at the airport at noon, and by the time we got off the plane, everyone was hungry. Came to the family hostel we found on the Internet before (Lanhai Garden is a very famous family hostel cluster), it is only a few steps away from the famous "coconut Dream corridor" (just cross the street outside Lanhai Garden, I thought it was very beautiful at first. That is the photographer using the sunset to take a kind of artistic conception just ah).


The following is our accommodation. Online praise of the bay of Lanhai garden community, community environment is very good, than we do not know how many times better than the community here. The bar out front, owned by a foreigner, is FAT DADDY. Lanhai Garden community environment is good oh, praise a. Next came our room, too tired to litter before I could take a picture, Sun Holiday Apartment sea view queen bed room, 258 yuan/night, we stayed 2 nights in the bay. From the balcony overlooking the bay of the sea, a word "beauty", this is the feeling we just arrived to see the sea, when we arrived, see the sea there that is really a sky, a human.


Put down the luggage, take a break we went straight to the spring Garden seafood stall, this is the legend of the spring garden seafood stall, when we got here, it was more than two o 'clock in the afternoon, this time there is no one, there are many people at night, but we only processed seafood at noon on the first day here, feeling that the processing price is more expensive, small snails are 5 yuan a catty, Oysters are counted by the unit, 3 yuan each. Sea urchin steamed egg, this dish has never eaten before, but after eating once, we never eat again, it is not delicious, sea urchin inside is empty without meat, it is eggy, but also a lot of sand... Next to this strap is still eating, meat is also much.


After eating, each person holds a coconut. In, coconut stalls can be seen everywhere, drink coconut water when you are thirsty, water does not need to buy oh, green coconut 2 yuan /, red coconut 3 yuan /, green coconut meat tastes like jelly, girls will mostly prefer, red coconut is white hard coconut meat...

Scenic spot review

1, Cape: as one of the characteristics of the representative attractions, most of the symbolic significance of the scenery. Recommended index: ★ 2, Temple: 108 meters of sea Guanyin is quite spectacular, it is worth going to the Buddhist word. ★★ ★ 3, Asia: Asia from any wine through the beach, 40 yuan tickets do not have to go to Asia Square. The water here is clear and the sand is fine and white, and it is worthy of being called the first bay in the world. Recommended index: ★★★★★ 4. Wuzhizhou Island is a beautiful island with the greenest and clearest water. You must go to see the sea. 5. West Island: The quality of sea water is often compared with Wuzhizhou Island. But West Island gate ferry tickets and entertainment items are cheaper, if you like to play water sports, may wish to go to West Island. Recommended index: ★★★★ ★ 6, Luhuitou Park: nothing at night can go to the top of the mountain to see the night view, the past is very close. Recommended index: ★ 7, big: live clover must go more, do not miss the beauty around, close and free, recommended index: ★★★★★ ★ 8, Bay: beach and sea quality is not good, win in the coastline long, can pick up shells and hermit crabs. I suggest you come in the afternoon, walk in the coconut grove, watch the sunset on the bay. Recommended index: ★★★☆ 9, Lover's Bay: outdoor leisure (sea fishing + barbecue + snorkeling), winter is more suitable. Recommended index: ★★★★★ 10, Queen's Bay: The same as Lover's Bay content, suitable for going after April every year, fun outdoor activities at sea, sea fishing + barbecue + snorkeling. Recommended index: ★★★★★ 11, ah Norda rainforest: the rainforest scenic spot, green water, play enough sea can see the green forest. Recommended index: ★★☆ 12, bead field: cost-effective, small fish has characteristics, half a day can be. It can be used as a supplement to other half-day attractions and can be carpooled or visited by a group. Recommended Index: ★★★☆. 13, the tropical sea world, the size of the hole attractions, time and money enough to see, the tour value is not high. Recommendation Index: ☆ The following is my personal advice. Depending on the individual, West Island can still go. Wuzhizhou Island has not been developed before are to the west Island. Some tourism projects are cheaper than Wuzhizhou Island, but the seascape is not Wuzhizhou Island beautiful, is a park. It's got a deer sculpture in it. It's fake dead. What about the temple? If you believe in Buddhism, you can go there. Nantian can go to the bubble, inside the small fish spa is very comfortable. Cape does not recommend you to go, is around a stone to take photos, but also charge 65 yuan, not cost-effective. Why not buy seafood? The content of a day trip to Queen's Bay is basically fishing in the morning, barbecuing at noon, snorkeling in the afternoon, and spending the whole day at sea. END