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How to quickly locate your car in a parking lot

2018-02-23 16:00:00

This week to visit the ole, because the parking lot is very big, I this sloppy and can not find their car, pressed the remote control for a long time also did not cry, thinking that it is not lost, worry about death. Every time is happy to go out of the door, and then anxious to find a car... Take this parking lot of Ole for example, you can not scold people's parking lot is not big, you can not open your eyes to slander people's signs are not clear. After reflecting on the pain, my friends and family honestly opened a pi sharing (dou) meeting for me, I felt that I had learned the essence, naturally, I dared not enjoy it alone, and I hurried to share it with everyone! (Well, the last time I went to the airport to pick up a VIP, I couldn't find the car, and the VIP followed me for more than half an hour, and I was embarrassed.)


Get out of the car and take it out!! Find markers directly, put your car and markers in a picture to take photos!!! Thank you for your advice... I remember your exact words very well, that is, even if the symbol is a strange garbage can is not afraid of anything...) You always carry it with you. There has to be a camera function... So... So when you get back and you can't find the car, just look at the pictures. Got it! ?


Hey, as a person who knows the way all by brain, but the brain is completely unreliable, I have installed a map software, as long as your parking lot is outdoors, please open the gps positioning, set a location on the map! I've learned how to use a map while kneeling on a washboard


It was weird, but it was so real that I was surprised when I did it myself. But it must be taken out again to scare you, to frighten you too! Some friends have smart keys, click the car will light up ah will call ah kind of, but due to the distance restrictions, it seems that sometimes not so good. Here this method is to effectively increase the operable distance, below to say the key, friends stand firm, pick up your remote control, abandon others strange eyes, put the remote control on your own forehead, button down... Well, your maneuverability has really increased! Don't ask me why. I don't understand... I'm a practical... My 22nd floor, the car is placed downstairs is unable to receive the remote control signal, and then use this move, can actually receive!


Why don't we just say the important thing three times? Remember to bring someone more reliable than you!! Remember to bring someone more reliable than you!! Remember to bring someone more reliable than you!!


Good luck, sloppy friends... I have promised that the next time I get delayed by this, I will never drive again...