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How to receive orders for newly opened foreign trade

2018-03-13 11:12:38

The more and more foreign trade, how do we prepare to receive the order, this is a very important thing, after all, if we receive the order, we can live a good life, but if not good enough, it may not be able to receive the order, so how should we go about it, here to give you some suggestions!


First: Encounter any difficulties need to adjust the mentality, after all, it is a new, so the beginning will certainly encounter a lot of difficulties, so adjust the mentality is very important! We must correct this!


This page is based on experience


Third: Take out your 100% sincere treatment of customers, you are sincere, buyers will be sincere, especially foreign customers, you must take out one hundred percent of sincerity to help them, because to help them is to help ourselves, because their loyalty is very high, you will not easily change!


Fourth: patience is a necessary weapon to become a single, follow up customers is not a day or two, some may last a few weeks or even months, to have a protracted war, because we are new, and they are not familiar with our this, so may not soon change their mind, to buy things from us, so be sure to pay attention to this! A protracted war is necessary!


Fifth: urgent customer's urgent, think what customers think, everything for customers to think more, do customer caring suppliers. As we all know, if foreign customers place orders with us and we really close a deal, it is also very good, but we should take into account the reason of the cycle, the delivery cycle and the arrival cycle of what should be taken into account!


Sixth: Foreign trade, you need to use google to develop customers, in addition to the development of customers there are many ways, generally there are special tools can be used, so the initiative to develop is the most important! Of course, there are many fake users, these are what we must pay attention to!


Seventh: The best is to hire foreign trade salesman direct foreign customers, especially if there is an excellent salesman, you can reduce a lot of trouble, which may be why they are willing to use heavy money to dig talent! So appropriate can also consider it!