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How to resolve the potential risks of local debt

2018-04-26 16:00:48

In order to promote the economic development of the region and solve the problem of raising funds for economic construction, local governments raise funds through local debt in most cases. However, such behavior has also caused the accumulation of local debt risks, which is not conducive to local financial stability, and potential risks must be resolved in a timely manner. So what should we do if we want to solve the local debt problem? The following small series to give you a specific talk, for reference. 0 How to improve the service level of the service hall 0 How to achieve the government service "do it now"


First of all, local governments should curb the disorderly growth of local debt and bring the growth momentum under control through a series of measures and regulation methods.


In some places, there are a lot of hidden debts, and they are basically outside the supervision of the supervisory departments, and the forms of hidden debts are also more complex, and these hidden local debts should be checked and controlled.


Strengthening land management Many local debts are closely related to local land management, and local governments have delegated the functions of land reserve to various platforms, which has indirectly increased the debt burden of local governments.


In order to raise funds quickly, many local governments have issued a large number of local bonds. The unreasonable issuance of bonds has increased local debts, so the issuance of local bonds should be restricted.


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Improving the ability of local governments to pay debts Local governments should formulate plans to solve local debts that have already formed, speed up the transfer of land and the disposal of idle assets, and improve the ability of local governments to pay debts.