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How to save electricity at home How to save electricity

2018-05-05 17:36:04

Now society, people pay more and more attention to low-carbon life, how to save energy, is a matter of great concern to each of us, because, energy saving, both to protect the environment, but also to save the cost of living, so we have no reason not to advocate, do not pay attention. Below, Xiaobian will introduce how to save electricity? How to save electricity?


Power source


Electric appliance


Soak before washing. Before we use the washing machine to wash clothes, we must first soak the clothes for about 20 minutes, so that the washing machine will be very clean, eliminating the waste of repeated washing.


Try not to turn on the air conditioner. Some people like to open air conditioning, this habit is actually not good, the human body should have some immunity, the self-regulation of temperature is conducive to health, so, can not open it.


Turn on the air conditioner and raise it 2 degrees. When the weather is very hot in summer, we can turn on the air conditioner, then we must adjust the temperature of the air conditioner to two degrees, so that we can greatly save energy and help environmental protection.


The refrigerator should be tempered in winter and summer. The refrigerator has different temperature adjustment functions in winter and summer. After carefully reading the instructions, we can adjust the temperature of the refrigerator in winter and summer respectively according to our needs.


Unplug the TV. When the TV is not watching, be sure to unplug, or completely power off the plug, the advantage of this is that it can greatly save energy, because the TV will also consume a certain amount of electricity when it is closed.


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Water heater on as needed. The water heater should not be on at any time, if you want to use it, turn on the heating, the heating temperature is appropriate, turn it off, do not always let the water heater in the state of electric insulation, waste electricity.

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