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How to see the Millennium Clock?

2018-03-14 08:00:25

The Century Clock is located next to the railway station, is the landmark building of the city, the century clock is very large, only the diameter of the dial is 14 meters, the overall height of 40 meters.


Identification card


It's near the train station. The Century Bell is located in the city of Haihe River Century Bell square, the west side of the station, the bridge circle island on the 5000 square meters of green space. Right in front is the bridge, under the bridge is the mother river - Haihe, crossing the bridge is Jinwan Square. The Clock is very convenient for out-of-town visitors to see.


There are three parts. The building is divided into three parts: clock dial, pendulum and pedestal. The pendulum swings up and down regularly. The clock plate is combined with the surrounding decorative elements, showing the sense of integration of Chinese and Western cultures. Quartz clock plate area of 156 square meters, in the diameter of about 8 meters on the inner ring, the disk core and hands are made of flower block hollow. The dial has a hollow design of flower files, and the body is covered with large and small gears and chains. There is an S-shaped long pole on the side of the clock, which tops the sun and hangs the moon, implying the alternations of Yin and Yang, beginning and ending each other. The base is heavy wrought copper, with many gears and chains, and some huge screws, showing the style of the century.


Beautiful relief. Around the dial we can see reliefs, reliefs are carved out of bronze, full of texture. The specific display is the story of 12 constellations, in which the position of the constellations also represents a certain moral, Aries is placed at the top of the 12 points, because the sheep represents luck in China; Place Libra at the bottom six points, because the scale represents fairness. All these embody the idea of integrating foreign culture with local culture in order.


European design style. The clock is designed in the European style, because it is surrounded by the original concession area, and the nearby Jinwan Square is a European architectural complex, and the style of the century clock is very unified with the surrounding architectural style. The whole body of the century bell metal, streamer brilliant. The two sides are almost alike, but one side has three words of the century clock, worth going to have a look!


The Century Clock is beautifully made. Its disc core and the process used by the needle are very exquisite, hollow production of the clock to show the exquisite and gorgeous. The disc core and clock hands are made of flower file hollowing out, which is simple and elegant. The heavy wrought copper base is covered with small and large gears, chains, and large steel screws and rivets.


Convenient transportation. The train station is the main station, and subway lines 2, 3 and 9 can reach the station directly. There are more buses, 5 road 8 road 8 road 13 road 24 road 24 road night bus 27 road 27 road night bus 28 road 50 road 97 road 186 road 186 road express 188 road 188 road special line 461 road 462 road 469 road 570 road irrigation road 574 road 621 road 634 road 638 road 638 road section 645, 645, 650, 660, 663, 666, 672, 689, 760, 802, 808, 824, 832, 951, 953, 961.


It glows at night. The most beautiful time of the Century clock is at night, because it will also glow at night. Its luminous function is also unique at night can also clearly see the dial, and the whole system has the function of automatic adjustment, each season and even every day it changes the time is not the same, really amazing. There are also eight starry sky lights and 16 crystal lights around the current century bell, in addition to the large sound system for telling the time is also the highest configuration.

Method summary:

It's near the train station.


The building is divided into three parts.


The relief on it is very beautiful.


Embodies the combination of Chinese and Western culture.


The Millennium Clock looks great at night.

Matters needing attention

Close to the train station, personnel mobility, pay attention to take their own things.


It's very hot here in summer. Keep cool.