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How to tell if I AM NOT a real Hermes bag

2018-01-10 14:24:00

I AM NOT Hermes spoof Hermes, online opinions, true and false difficult to distinguish, the price up to a thousand yuan, down to a hundred yuan, people do not know where to start, waste of money to buy genuine goods. There are several ways to verify the truth:


Look at the cortex. The genuine I AM NOT Hermes bag is made of imported cow's head leather, and the interior is made of sheepskin, so you can see the degree and feel of the leather.


Look at the hardware. I AM NOT Hermes bag hardware is the international top electroplating process, so the hardware color is good, generally bad hardware is easy to fade and the interface is easy to break.


Look at the details. I AM NOT Hermes bags are made by hand, so you can see whether the edges of the bag are regular and whether the shape of the bag is deformed.

Matters needing attention

Remember, I AM NOT Hermes can verify authenticity based on ID cards.