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How to test and repair CCD dead center and noise

2018-01-09 16:00:00

CCD is equivalent to the film of a digital camera, composed of millions of pixels, and the CCD dead point refers to the pixels that can not work, in fact, is no color white dots and black dots. Noise is the noise brought by the current, today Xiaobian and you share these tips.


Light Wizard

Digital camera CCD test

First test whether the camera CCD is normal, open the data camera, take a black cloth or cover the lens with your hand to take a full black sample. You can also take an all-white photo


The second step, open the light magic hand - click tool - CCD dead point tool - CCD dead point test, open the test interface.


The third step, click to open the sample - after selecting the sample, click Open - then the CCD dead point will be automatically detected and the result will be returned.


Step four: Detect noise and dead spots in old photos. Follow steps two and three to open the photo to be detected, and then reduce the thermal noise and dead point thresholds, to detect a lot of dead points and noise.

CCD dead center repair

After finding dead spots and noise, click the tool - CCD dead spot tool - and select CCD dead spot Repair to open the repair window.


Open the repair window, click Set Dead Spot sample - then select the sample with dead spot and open it - then click Start Repair to repair.

Matters needing attention

I hope it helps