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How to upgrade fast

2018-05-03 22:24:53

Recently, some netizens asked me how to upgrade the world quickly, for this problem, Xiaobian view some information on the Internet, and then according to the summary, I hope Xiaobian can help you.





This article illegal climbing is taken from experience


Because there is little gameplay content in the novice stage, there is basically no place to gain experience points. If you want to upgrade by hanging up, it is very slow, after all, the novice combat effectiveness is low, and the experience of brushing is not high.


Players follow the guide of the main task, and after completing the main task, they can probably come to 70 or 80 levels. Once the player reaches this level, many new daily quests or activities will be unlocked.


Then we can think about how to gain experience points from these daily activities or daily tasks to improve our level. Such as personal day pass, demon removal, tower defense, etc., can get a lot of experience points. In addition, players can also use experience jade props, to store full experience points, and then use these props, you can quickly get a lot of experience points. If you usually pick up excess elimination equipment.


Or you can recycle it for a certain amount of experience. There are many ways to gain experience in the game, and we can experience more and sum up a variety of good ways to gain experience.

Matters needing attention

Ask a professional if you are not sure.