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How to use a watch to divide east, west and west

2018-04-24 16:00:06

Judging the direction with the watch requires calculation based on the position of the sun or stars, using the dial reading.


Pointer watch

1. Be precise

Determine that the north watch is placed horizontally, the dial is upward, divide the current 24-hour time system by 2, align the number corresponding to the result on the dial with the sun, and the position corresponding to 12 o 'clock on the dial is north.


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2. Rough approach

The square watch is placed horizontally, the dial is upward, the hour hand points to the sun, and the direction corresponding to the hour hand and the midpoint of 12 o 'clock is south.

3. Evening routine

Beidou positioning at night can not be located with the sun, you can find the Beidou in the sky, the Beidou handle points to the North Star, and the direction of the North Star is north.

Matters needing attention

A watch with a hand is required. An electronic watch cannot Orient itself by the hand